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Do you need help to plan the most important event in your life? Don’t panic, we will be there to help you though the entire organizational process. With our expertise and our contacts we have everything that needed to ensure your wedding is a day to remember.  Our service is personalized and based on your needs, your tastes, and according to your budget. Know that our event coordinators will always provide you an added value in terms of creativity and will choose amongst the rarest of pearls to save you money.

Enjoy your wedding and take the time to have fun with your guests, we will take care of everything.


  • Original and creative ideas.
  • Professional service and someone who is at your attention.
  • Always keeping your budget in mind.



Our wedding planners will give you all the help you need to enjoy only the best moments of planning, all you need to do is concentrate on the important decisions. We do all the coordination for you: from finding a site for the ceremony and the reception, making appointments, finding the suppliers (master of ceremonies, the DJ, the host, the florist, makeup artist, ect) the decoration concept (table center pieces, name cards, boutonnieres, the contract negotiations and the set up for the “big day”


If you need help with only certain parts you may benefit from our network as well as our experience to help you with your steps to make your task easier. We will work with you according to your budget, we can consult with you in different ways to prepare for the big day all while respecting your ideas. As soon as the majority of the details are taken care of, we will help you with the planning a few weeks before the wedding, in this way you can enjoy the whole day. Why not feel like one of your guests at the wedding reception.


A few weeks before your marriage, he or she will hold your hand tightly, he or she can see to the elaboration of the day’s schedule, the installations in the reception hall, the setup of the table centre pieces, the decorations, the boutonnieres for the guests, the table setup, the roll out of the night, make follow ups and call the suppilers, make changes to the schedule if needed, coordination, the smooth flow of the ceremony and the reception ect.


You will be supported and surrounded through the entire planning of your wedding. With ten hours of support, you can ask questions and be pointed in the right direction with request to your needs. Need help? It would be our pleasure to help you

By calling on our services you will have your mind set free to concentrate on the important decisions and enjoy the best moments during your event. Keep in mind that our event coordinators will always provide for you a value added in terms of creativity. We can advise you on different concepts while respecting your ideas and your budget.

Our mission is to make your event, an event that is outstanding.

Conceptualization and planning:

  • Determining the concept of the event
  • Determining your goals
  • An Event that is unique or recurring
  • Specifying the best ways to achieve your goals a timely manner
  • Preparation of the preliminary budget
  • Task list
  • Development of schedule
  • Room reservations and accommodations
  • Recommendation of the best suppliers for the realization of the event
  • Negotiations and follow up
  • Preparing the setting of the event

Elaborations of the concepts and prestigious design:

  • Creation Procedure
  • Development of innovative concept
  • Atmosphere and Style
  • Choice of locations
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting
  • Music
  • The menu
  • Contingency Management
  • Coordination of the event

Completely enjoy the whole event, we will take care of everything.

We will ensure that your event has your signature touch.

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